I’m a University of Florida Gators Fan as well as a University of Utah Utes fan. Before you come at me for liking two college football teams, let me explain a little.

I grew up watching the Gators with my Dad, who graduated from UF. Every Saturday in the Fall, that TV was on the Florida Gators. I enrolled at the University of Utah and got my degree from there. One I love because of familiarity and length of fandom. The other, I love because it is my alma mater, and was my first college football game I saw live.

I’m going to tackle this Urban Meyer to Ohio State from both sides. I’ll start as a Florida Gators fan.

As a Gators fan, I’m torn between how to feel about this move. I’m pissed and upset at what has transpired these past few days. He claimed he needed to retire from coaching to spend time with his 3 children and to get his health back to a more stable level.

As a fan, that you can respect and be ok with. But when he accepts a coaching job, less than a year after saying he needed to retire, that gets to you. Coaches and players have no personal responsibility to the fans that cheer for them. But look at what he did at Florida.

He will not have his Offensive and Defensive coordinators, Dan Mullen and Charlie Strong, at Ohio State. That’s what made him successful at Florida. And now, both are in their own head coaching positions, Mississippi State and Louisville respectively.

Do I hope he has no health problems from here on out, absolutely.

Will I be sad if he never wins a game at Ohio State, not one bit.

As a Utes fan, I could care less. The man put the University of Utah football on the map, and he did it in 2 years! Before he came along, the Utes were a mediocre team, at best. He then took them to the Fiesta Bowl, as the first non-AQ school to break the BCS, where the Utes did to Pitt what they did to teams every Saturday that season.

I personally believe he put the wheels in motion for the Utes to eventually join, what is now, the Pac-12. When he left Utah for Florida, no one at Utah had anything bad to say about the man. We were upset to lose such a great coach, but he was moving to bigger and better things. You can’t hate a man for doing that.

In the end, no matter who you’re a fan of, his decision affects only him and his family. I wish him nothing but the best in his new position as Ohio State University head coach. He will bring that program back to when they were good enough to get to the BCS title game, but never win it.