According to Rich Hammond of LAKingsInsider, soon-to-be restricted free agent Oscar Moller has either signed or intends to sign with a team in the Swedish Elite League. Although these reports appear to be true, it is not known which team it is or whether or not he's actually signed a contract.


To Rich Hammond's knowledge, there is an important piece of this news that has not been reported and that is that any contract Moller signs with the Swedish Elite League will contain an "out" clause, which will allow the 22-year-old to return to the NHL (and hopefully the Kings). This possible return to the NHL will apparently be Moller's choice and not his team's.


The possible move is a transaction that, according to Hammond, the Kings don't mind as signing in Sweden will give Moller a better chance to play professionally and build some experience, not to mention strength.


This news is preliminary as nothing has been set in stone but, if the reports are accurate, then it will only be a matter of time before Moller returns to his native soil.