Many wanted Melo to be traded to LA this past season. Many wanted a mega trade to go down just before the draft. Magic believes that the team should have been blownup. I have one thing to say about that. HOLD ON. This is still the same team that went to the finals 3 of 4 years and won 2 championships. Yes, the team is older. Yes the team needs a boost in something to put them back on pace. But radical trades BEFORE a CBA is agreed upon would be the most foolish thing to do. Especially if small market teams get there way, and a hard cap is established, in which under the current systeam, the Lakers are nearly TWICE of that. What does that mean? Lakers would have to retool their entire roster to fit the HARD CAP versus BUDGET.  Mitch Kupchak has made the right moves at the right times, and had a great mentor who is now with Golden State, but basically created the team over there in Memphis (talking about Jerry West, you know, the LOGO, and that guy who got KOBE and SHAQ). Patience is a word not widely accepted, but till this lockout and CBA get resolved, dont expect the Lakers to be making any deals.